A variety of basic and advanced level training is available both onsite and remotely. All offerings are taught by certified trainers who use the latest empirical evidence to help you, your staff or agency, improve both quality and outcome.

Onsite training:

One and two-day workshops can be arranged at your practice or agency. Click here to request a copy of the PCOMS workshop packet. It contains detailed information regarding topics and fees.

Local workshops:

Check the workshop calendar to see what events are already scheduled in your area. If you do nott see an event near you, contact PCOMS to set one up in the near future.

Intensive Training Options:

Several times a year, the International Center for Clinical Excellence sponsors a series of intensive trainings. To insure both quality and a highly individualized experience, the number of participants is limited to 35.

This intensive training, three-day course provides in-depth training on the principle and practices of feedback-informed work using the PCOMS measures. Participants learn: (1) the empirical foundations of feedback-informed treatment; (2) evidence-based strategies for improving client engagement and decreasing dropout rates; (3) how to integrate the PCOMS measures into real time clinical practice; (4) how to measure individual and agency effectiveness rates; (5) how to develop and execute an evidence-based plan for improving the quality and outcome of care; (6) how to implement PCOMS and FIT in agency settings.

Research and experience show that supervision is the key to successful implementation and sustainment of PCOMS in practice.  FIT is also the only supervision approach documented to improve individual clinician and agency effectiveness.  In this three day course, participants learn: (1) what differentiates FIT supervision from conventional supervision; (2) the principles and practices of the FIT supervision process; and (3) how to use data in supervision to improve clinician and agency effectiveness.

Research has shown that successful implementation of FIT and any evidence-based practice requires time and careful planning. At this two day course, participants learn: (1) six evidence-based steps for successful implementation; (2) key objectives, tasks, and barriers for each implementation stage; and (3) step-by-step instructions for designing and executing a plan for implementing FIT.

You can view and register for upcoming events below by scrolling through the calendar below:


A group of certified trainers is available to provide consultation on either a one time or ongoing basis. The trainers can provide instruction, coaching, or implementation support to individual providers and agencies. For more information, contact: info@whatispcoms.com.