The ICCE Manuals on Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) consist of a series of six guides covering the most important information for practitioners and agencies implementing the PCOMS measures in routine care. The goal for the series is to provide practitioners with a thorough grounding in the knowledge and skills associated with using feedback to improve the quality and outcome of behavioral health services.

The ICCE Manuals provide detailed, step-by-step, cutting-edge instruction on: (1) supporting research; (2) how to use the measures; (3) using client feedback in supervision; (4) determining practitioner and agency effectiveness; (5) applying the approach with specific populations and in different service settings; and (6) implementing in agencies and systems of care.

ICCE FIT Manuals
Reviewers at the National Registry of Evidence-based Practices and Programs gave PCOMS International perfect marks, concluding these “comprehensive, well-organized, and high-quality materials…support the implementation of PCOMS” in real world settings.The six manuals can be accessed instantly here.  Discounts are available for agencies and systems wanting to provide these resources to a large number of providers, email: